My guest on this episode of Increase Your Impact was Laura J. Ingalls who joined me to talk about the important yet often misunderstood topic of diet and nutrition.   Laura founded F#@K Skinny, a wellness business focused on helping women find the body they love and beat the addictions to yo-yo diets that are sold by so many experts, she does this through workshops, seminars and one-on-one coaching.  Laura is also the author for the book F#@K Skinny.

Some highlights from the Interview (full Show Notes are below):

  • Hear Laura’s journey from joining weight watchers as a teenager to getting comfortable with her body many years later
  • Learn about why diet does not equal weight loss
  • A healthy body is so much more than just your waist line or weight on a scale

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Show Notes

  • Introduction & Welcome (00:00)
  • What made you want to make helping people with nutrition your life’s mission? (02:35)
  • How do you differentiate between diet and nutrition? (15:05)
    • Diet DOES NOT EQUAL Weight Loss!
    • Health is more than just the size of your waist line
  • What are some of the bio markers people can look at to gauge their overall health? (27:15)
    • Pay attention to your body, how you feel, what your gut is telling you, etc.
    • Important to track and write things down!
    • Inside Tracker is a great tool to use and have some testing (use promo code: answers)
  • What are you up to with F#@K Skinny that you would like to share? (42:45)
  • What does Impact mean to you? (46:25)
  • What Impact do you want to have on the world? (47:00)
  • What is holding you back from having a bigger impact? (47:30)
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