My guest on Increase Your Impact for this episode was Melissa Ramkissoon.  Melissa is the co-founder of Office Guardians, a Calgary based business focused on helping entrepreneurs and business owners save time by helping them with non-core business functions.  Melissa and I discuss the topic of outsourcing and how hiring other people to assist with tasks you are not good at is one of the best decisions you can make to increase your impact.

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Show Notes

  • Introduction & Welcome (00:00)
  • How did Office Guardians come about? (02:35)
  • What does Office Guardians do? (04:40)
  • How do you get business owners to give up control of parts of their business? (07:00)
  • What do you say to people who view outsourcing negatively? (09:05)
  • Do you have any suggestions/ideas for how people can outsource in their personal lives? (12:20)
  • What are some of your favorite resources for learning more about outsourcing? (17:25)
  • The importance of having contractual agreements in place (19:45)
  • What does Impact mean to you? (25:20)
  • What Impact do you want to have on the world? (26:25)
  • What is holding you back from making a bigger impact? (30:15)
  • Find out more about Office Guardians and (33:00)
  • Next Episode – March 8 – Strengths with Stephanie Rogers
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