My guest on Episode 8 of Increase Your Impact was Stephanie Rogers, a fellow member of the Live Your Legend Community that I am part of.  Stephanie and I talk about the incredible power of Community and how it has helped both of us on our life and entrepreneurial journeys.

Stephanie hails from San Diego by way of Atlanta and Hawaii and is a business and career coach.  She is also the host of the Live Your Legend LOCAL virtual group that meets monthly with members of the community from all over the world in a virtual format.

Live Your Legend is a global organization focused on helping people find and do work they truly love.  One of the major way this is done is through Live Your Legend LOCAL groups that have been formed in over 200 cities in 60+ countries around the world, including the Calgary Group, which I lead.

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Show Notes

  • Introduction & Welcome (0:00)
  • Live Your Legend Global Party Day (0:50)
    • Meetups in over 200 cities in 60+ countries around the world bringing people together to discuss and support each-other in doing the work they can’t not do.
  • Topic Overview – Community (01:55)
  • What does community mean to you? (03:10)
  • When did you first realize the power of community? (05:10)
  • What ideas do you have for people who are trying to find a community to join? (07:50)
    • Start by searching the topic/groups you are interested in online
    • Ask friends, go to conferences
  • Importance of taking communities to the real world from the online world (11:30)
    • Take your 2D relationship (online) to 3D (real-world)
    • One great way to do this is attending conferences of like-minded people. Stephanie and I both experienced this at last year’s World Domination Summit.
  • How has the Live Your Legend Community helped you on your entrepreneur journey? (15:05)
    • Fizzle is another community that has really been helpful
  • What other thoughts do you have on joining or building community? (18:45)
    • Show up, be patient, community takes time to develop
    • Two people = a community, all it takes is one other person
    • You never know the ripples you will create!
  • How has community helped you increase your impact in the world? (23:00)
  • Importance of being authentic in your community interactions? (28:15)
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