My guest on Episode 7 of Increase Your Impact was Logan Johnson.  Logan is a lifelong fitness buff and the Art Director at Impact Magazine, Canada’s premiere source of independent sports information.  Logan and I discuss the vital importance of practicing good exercise habits and how doing so can positively impact all other aspects of your life.

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Show Notes

  • Introduction & Welcome (0:00)
  • Topic Overview – Exercise (2:35)
  • Favorite ways to stay active (5:45)
    • Running and going to the gym
    • Important thing is to find what you enjoy and do it!
  • Relationship between nutrition and exercise (8:40)
    • You tend to eat better when you are more active
  • Logan’s biggest fitness challenge to date (10:35)
  • Recommendations for how people can get more active (15:40)
    • Don’t be afraid to try new activities, you can always change!
    • Ask others for help
    • Look online for instructions/videos
    • Just start moving, even a brisk walk!
  • Other (non-physical) benefits from exercise (21:56)
  • Resources for learning more about exercise and getting active (25:30)
    • – Free world class training plans. They also have an app that allows you to schedule and track your workouts. If you’re following one of their plans you can add the whole plan automatically into your calendar.
    • Impact Magazine – Individual sport training resources; free editorials on running, cycling, swimming, workouts, nutrition, and travel. If you live in Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto the print magazine is distributed for free at fitness related locations (running stores, gyms, chiropractors, etc) as well as events throughout the year. You can also subscribe online for free to receive the digital edition and bonus content directly via email.
    • YouTube (Instruction Videos on anything)
    • Fitness Sub-Reddit
  • Information about Impact Magazine (31:25)
    • Helps the aspiring athlete with lots of great exercise plans and nutrition info for weekend warriors
  • What does Impact mean to you? (34:05)
  • What is holding you back from making a bigger Impact? (36:35)
  • How do you manage injuries when they happen? (40:12)


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