In this episode I was joined by Corey Allard, founder of Change Your Game, a training & development company based in Calgary.  Corey and I will discuss the importance of training and development and how it can help us and those around us to increase our impact on the world.  We both agree that proper attention to training can be one of the biggest differentiators between success and failure for businesses and individuals.

Corey has 13 years of progressive management experience leading large teams over many locations. He spent five years in management for two international retailers before realizing his passion was working with small businesses.
 Corey has helped grow a small part-time business from $60,000 in annual revenue to $600,000 in four years. His expertise is focused in strategic planning, training, coaching and business turnarounds.

The show notes and links mentioned during this episode are listed at the bottom of the page.

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Show Notes

  • Topic Introduction – Training & Learning (03:10)
    • Corey started coaching in Junior High and has also been involved in training in a wide range of industries including food & beverage, retail and now small business through Change Your Game.
  • Why it’s important to focus on training, especially in tough times (07:15)
    • Shows commitment and value to employees
    • Creates a positive feedback loop in the business (higher education = higher performance)
    • In tough times, adopting a “train the trainer” model can help reduce training costs while still providing the benefits to the workforce
  • Evaluate, Educate & Elevate (11:20)
    • Change Your Game designs custom training programs tailored to their clients
    • Customized training adds that extra level of fit to the culture of the organization and greatly enhances adoption
  • How a focus on training and learning helps increase impact (16:40)
  • Self-directed learning (18:30)
  • What impact means to Corey (21:35)
  • What holds you back from making a bigger impact? (24:55)
  • How do you handle different learning styles between generations? (28:55)
  • Book Recommendations:
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