Business Coaching

Do you feel like no matter what you do with your business you can never break free of the busy work and get back to what you really love doing?  Maybe you are finding administrative, marketing or staffing challenges overwhelming, or just can’t break free of the constant feeling of having your attention pulled in a million directions at once.

I will work with you to simplify, streamline and optimize your business model to set you up for achieving the success you always dream about.  Through our coaching work we will help uncover the limiting beliefs or self defeating actions that may be holding you back and develop strategies to overcome the distractions and other non-value add activities that are hijacking your time.  The end result will be a happier and more focused version of yourself ready to achieve all you ever dreamed of with your business.

During our Business Coaching sessions we will work together on areas including:

  • Reviewing the current state and talking about where you want to get to
  • Setting clear goals and developing a plan of attack for achieving them
  • Conducting a time audit to determine with data where your time really is going, and adjusting as necessary
  • Auditing the various systems, tools and processes you use in your business to determine what really is and isn’t serving you
  • Discussing any pain points or weak areas in your business knowledge and developing a plan for improving or outsourcing them
Regular Coaching Sessions

Regular coaching sessions are each 1-2 hours in length and can occur as frequently as works for your schedule, up to a maximum of four times per month.  This is my most common type of coaching package and allows learning and growth to take place over a few weeks or months as ideas and plans really crystallize.  The content can be adjusted each week to reflect the priorities of your life at that point in time.

Coaching Intensives

Coaching Intensives are full or half day coaching sessions where we dive deep into the current challenges and get really focused in a distraction free environment to come up with solutions and a plan of action to break through the challenges.  Intensives are best used to make a massive and quick leap in progress or to work through and overcome a particularly large challenge.

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Regular Coaching Sessions
  • 4 Sessions/month = $549
  • 2 Sessions/month = $289
  • 1 Session/month = $149
Coaching Intensives
  • Full-day (8 hours) = $699
  • Half-day (4 hours) = $399

*All coaching packages come with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the support you are receiving or the progress you are making.

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